Charleston County Transportation Development Safety Mission

We strive in all of our efforts to evaluate, design and construct projects with public safety as our highest priority. While working to achieve this goal we do everything possible to ensure the safety of the citizens, the environment, our employees and our contract partners before, during and after the completion of every project.

A contractor working with Charleston County on the Phillips Community Sidewalk project wearing a highly reflective vest while working at night which protects his safety and that of passing motorists.

Workers on the 10th Street Drainage project guiding a section of drain pipe into place wearing their personal protective equipment including gloves, hard hats and reflective vests.

A speed bump being installed at a crossing on Pinckney Street to slow down traffic and protect pedestrians.

Example of traffic signs letting travelers know that they are entering into a work zone and need to obey any temporary traffic laws in order to keep themselves and any workers safe.

Charleston County regularly coordinates with local utilities to ensure any needed relocations are done safely and efficiently to eliminate safety concerns and have as short of a service interruption as possible.

An example of a Traffic Alert sent to inform citizens about lane changes, road closures and any other construction items that have the potential to change road conditions. These are broadcasted to local media outlets as well as social media and are available on the Charleston County website. To sign up for them click one of the links below.

If you have a safety concern related to any road in Charleston County please contact us at 843-202-6140
or contact us through our Customer Service page.