Palmetto Commerce Parkway

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Project Description

The two-phase project has progressed since its inception in 2006. Phase I was completed in 2007, and work began on Phase II in 2008, with construction starting in January 2009. The purpose of the project is to develop a connection between Ladson Road and Ashley Phosphate Road in order to relieve major traffic congestion along parallel roads such as Dorchester Road and I-26. The overall project will result in approximately six miles of new and improved roadway in an area that is growing with transportation needs. Phase II picked up where Phase I ended, which is near the DaimlerChrysler facility in North Charleston. The second phase is expected to be completed in early 2011. When complete, the parkway is expected to improve safety and serve as a direct route for workers who are traveling to various facilities in the Palmetto Commerce Park.

PHASE I - Complete
Phase I was a widening and expansion project that added two lanes to the existing two-lane parkway and extended all four lanes 1,500 feet in length. Phase I construction started along the existing parkway and included these as well as other improvements:

  • An extension for the roadway of 1,500 feet, making Phase I a total of 1.7 miles in length
  • Widening the existing road from two to four lanes
  • Restored lighting
  • Landscaped median
  • Multiuse (walking and bicycle) path

PHASE II - Complete
Phase II extends four lanes of all new roadway beginning where Phase I ended and continuing to Ashley Phosphate Road at North Spartan Road. Phase II includes:

  • An additional 3.9 miles of roadway
  • Landscaped median
  • Divided four-lane roadway
  • Multi-use (walking and bicycle) path
  • Traffic signals

The Palmetto Commerce Parkway Project is one of 13 bonded projects funded by the Charleston County Transportation Sales Tax.

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